Senior Software Engineer - Feeds Infrastructure


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New York, United States of America


Job Description

Our team:

We deliver the world's most reliable, timely and accurate financial data. We are engineers who write high performance, well-factored, scalable and testable code that can mold quickly to new business initiatives. More than 4,500 developers rely on us to provide the core foundation and data required for their applications.

Our systems are low-latency, highly fault-tolerant and scalable. We use hundreds of servers to handle over 60 billion items of data each day. We provide reliable long-haul communication, storage, database-query and pub/sub forwarding of market data from stock- and commodity-exchanges around the world. We also develop Graphical User Interfaces and databases that let us dynamically configure the system. We work closely with business and sales teams to develop our systems and to be prepared for the next generation of customer requirements.

Our work environment is fast-paced, spirited, friendly and collaborative. On our team, you will learn about the financial markets and Bloomberg's real-time pricing applications while keeping up to date with the latest trends in technology.

What you will gain and what our colleagues appreciate about this role:

  • We work with high-caliber individuals and experienced teams of engineers and management
  • We understand, redesign and enhance fault-tolerant systems that run on clusters of hundreds of servers
  • We attend regular technical presentations by world-renowned distinguished speakers
  • Other engineers are our customers and our users are also highly technical people
  • We attend training courses, both technical and financial, on a regular basis

We'll trust you to:

  • Take responsibility for the full SDLC, from understanding the needs of the business to coding, deployment and maintenance
  • Understand that our work is highly visible, which makes our teams highly accountable
  • Design robust, maintainable, high-performance code with unit-tests in a Linux/UNIX environment

You'll need to have:

  • The ability to use abstractions
  • 3+ years experience programming in C++
  • Experience with object-oriented programming and using STL containers with STL algorithms
  • The ability to manage and aggressively push projects

We'd love to see:

  • Linux/UNIX experience
  • Familiarity with high volume, high availability distributed systems
  • Knowledge of operating system fundamentals
  • Familiarity with design patterns
  • Experience with C++ template programming
  • Knowledge of financial markets
  • Experience with Python 
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